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Useful Links (resources and advice on the relationship between mental health and the menstrual cycle) (Being gay is OK – Information and advice for gay, lesbian, bisexual and unsure under twenty-fives) (British Society of Sexual Medicine) (College of Sex and Relationship Therapists) (Devon Gender Identity Clinic website) (Search engine for research related to health and social care) Family Planning Association (Self help resource for those suffering with problems to do with their psychological wellbeing) (London Gender Identity Clinic) (London Gender Identity Clinic for under 18s) (Resource for gay men with frank sexual advice and information as well as information on HIV, living with it, and sexual safety)$File/claire%27s%20law%20other%20people%20booklet.pdf (Information on Claire’s Law the domestic abuse disclosure scheme) (Information on HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis) (Lancashire Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender homepage) (Place to download leaflets about the LGBT community) (select erectile dysfunction) (information on preventing terrorism) (organisation supporting trans youth) (Northampton Gender Identity Clinic website) (Information on Female genital mutilation) (Information on sexual health for gay and bisexual men and women) (Website for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) (Nottingham Gender Identity Clinic) (Northumberland Gender Identity Clinic) (Sheffield Gender Identity Service) (Information and support for LGBT communities and their allies) (Resource for young people or teachers/carers about staying safe online) (Charity for sufferers of HIV, resource for education, support, and more) (Vulval Pain Society) (Resource for anyone who would like more information on hormones and what they do) (foreskin and circumcision advice) (apps and online tools to help you manage health and wellbeing) (28 days ish later, Radio 4 podcast re the menstrual cycle) (A community for people with vaginismus) (A back catalogue of resources from the vaginismus network) (Free 40 day mindfulness course) (How brains are built, the core story of brain development) – (Better Sex Through Mindfulness) – International Urogynaecology Association