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Female Sterilisation (Tubal occlusion)

A permanent method of contraception where the fallopian tubes are cut, sealed, or blocked by an operation.

This stops the egg and sperm meeting.

Overall failure rate is about one in 200.



  • Not easily reversed
  • Once it has worked, you do not have to use contraception again
  • Periods are unaffected


  • Need to continue with contraception until sterilisation has proven effective
  • Low risk of serious complications with the operation
  • Will need a general or a local anaesthetic
  • No protection against STI’s


  • Needs careful consideration/counselling to ensure there is no doubt that this is the best method prior to the operation
  • If in any doubt, a long-acting reversible method of contraception is recommended and is highly effective
  • May experience discomfort/pain after sterilization

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