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Female Condoms (Internal)

Internal condoms are made of soft, thin polyurethane (plastic).

They loosely line the vagina and cover the area just outside, stopping sperm entering the vagina.

They act as a barrier preventing sexual fluids being transferred between partners preventing pregnancy and STI’s.

95% effective if used correctly



  • Only method that protects against both pregnancy and STI’s.
  • Only need to use them when you have sex, putting it in anytime up to 8 hours before sex
  • No serious side effects
  • Can use lubrication with them including oils, creams, lotions or petroleum jelly


  • May slip or get pushed up into the vagina if used incorrectly
  • Need to ensure the penis enters the condom and not between the vagina and the condom
  • Not widely available, like external condoms


  • Use a new condom every time and follow instructions carefully
  • Sold online and in some chemists and free from CaSH/GUM clinics
  • If there is a problem with it, you need access to emergency contraception/STI testing

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