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Diaphragm / Cap with Spermicide

A flexible silicone device used with spermicide (a gel which contains chemicals that kill sperm) is put into the vagina to cover the cervix.

This stops sperm from entering the uterus and meeting an egg.

92-96% effective when used with spermicide.



  • Can be put in up to 3 hours before sex (or earlier if you add extra spermicide)
  • Only have to use when you have sex
  • No serious side effects


  • Needs to be left in for at least 6 hours after sex/need extra spermicide if you have sex again
  • Can take time to gain confidence in using them
  • Some people may be sensitive to latex or spermicide
  • No protection against STI’s


  • Not affected by other medicines
  • Need to use the correct size unless using caya
  • Not recommended to use during your period because of risk of toxic shock syndrome
  • Needs washing in warm water after use and storing in a container in a cool, dry place

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